The Ghost - Matte White / Brushed

The Ghost - Matte White / Brushed

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Quality is the ultimate priority for our products and customers, yet sometimes it is incredibly wasteful to deem a product as imperfect if it doesn’t quite meet our high standards. In the interest of doing what we can for the environment and avoiding as much wastage as possible, we are now offering a select range of our imperfect products for sale. We are offering these products so that they can continue doing exactly what they were designed for - improving your driving experience.

All imperfect products WILL HAVE minor defects consisting of (but not limited to): small dents, colour blemishes, and/or finish imperfections. We are unable to provide specific details for an individual product.

Please note: all imperfect products are sold as is and do not come with any warranty. We do not offer exchanges or refunds on any imperfect products.

Material: Delrin® / 304 stainless steel
Height: 82mm
Maximum width: 38mm
Weight: 240g

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All of our products are sold separately. Extensions, boot retainers, and reverse lockouts are not included.

Each vehicle will require one Likewise adapter. A second adapter is not required to fit a Likewise shift knob to a Likewise extension.

Actual colours may vary. Colour fade may occur if exposed sunlight and high UV conditions. Products are intended for show use only.

Please read the product details carefully prior to making a purchase. We only ship exclusively new products to our customers and for that reason we do not offer refunds due to customer error or change of mind.

For more information, please read our FAQ.