2019 WTAC Recap

2019 WTAC Recap

This year marked our fourth attendance at the World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park. What a year!

With each and every WTAC our goal is to improve the Likewise experience, and this year was no exception. The concept for this year’s pop-up store was to go bigger and better than anything we have done in the past. We think we definitely achieved that!

In addition to a completely redesigned pop-up store layout, WTAC 2019 marked the first exclusive pre-release access to our new 2020 range of products. If you were one of the lucky few to attend, you would have seen all of the new colours and design changes we’ve made to your favourite products.

If that wasn’t enough, we even placed a few little Easter eggs around the store. If you searched hard enough you would have caught a glimpse of our upcoming lug nuts (yes, they are still coming!) and steering wheels that were installed on the Likewise Garage 2JZ 86. Were you paying attention? If not, don’t worry - there will be more details on these products released very soon.

A huge amount of work behind the scenes goes into preparing for our pop-up stores, especially for a two day event such as WTAC. It’s no easy feat packaging up our entire product range and transporting it all from our Brisbane HQ to Sydney, all to create an experience that our customers will enjoy. But for that reason alone, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you so much to everyone that attended WTAC 2019 and visited our store over the two days. It’s always a pleasure meeting you guys in person and is a great reminder why we do what we do. Bring on WTAC 2020!

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